How to choose the best WordPress theme for a nonprofit website

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How to choose the best WordPress theme for a nonprofit website


How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for a Nonprofit Website

Research Your Needs

Before choosing the best WordPress theme for your nonprofit website, it’s important to consider what you will use the website for and what kind of content you would like to feature. Considerations should include:

    • Responsive design: You’ll want your site to display beautifully on all devices and screen sizes.


    • Content types: If you’re planning to feature a blog, galleries, videos, or other types of content, select a theme that supports these features.


    • Plugins: Make sure the theme you choose is compatible with any plugins you’ll need to include.


Compare Your Options

Once you’ve narrowed down the features you need, it’s time to compare your options. Start by looking for free, high-quality themes, such as those available on the official WordPress theme directory. You can also look for premium themes from independent WordPress developers, or even customize your own theme to meet your exact needs.

Before committing to a theme, make sure you check it for the following:

    • Customization options: How much control do you have over how the theme looks? Can you easily customize it?


    • Support: Does the theme developer offer good customer support?


    • SEO-friendly features: Make sure the theme is optimized for search engines like Google and Bing.


    • Continued updates: Choose a theme that has regularly-updated features that keep up with changes in WordPress itself.


Get Feedback

Once you’ve settled on a theme, run it past your stakeholders to make sure it meets their needs. Ask questions like:

    • Does the theme support accessibility features?


    • How does the theme improve user experience?


    • Does it provide the basic information and visuals that visitors need?


    • Does it offer clear calls to action?


    • Will it be easy for visitors to contact us?


It’s also a good idea to ask for feedback from volunteers and people who may use the site—they may have valuable insights that you hadn’t considered.

Deploy and Monitor

Finally, deploy the theme to your nonprofit website and begin testing it. Check each page to ensure that it is performing as expected and that any features included in the theme are working properly. Make sure to regularly monitor the site to make sure it’s secure and up-to-date.

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your nonprofit website can help you reach your audience and achieve your goals. By researching your needs, comparing your options, and getting feedback from stakeholders, you can find a great theme that supports your message. With the right theme, your website will increase engagement and boost your impact!

What are the key considerations when choosing a WordPress theme for a nonprofit website?

1. Responsiveness: Your website should properly display on all devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Choosing a theme that is designed to be responsive will ensure cross-device compatibility and a better user experience.

2. SEO Friendly: Your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking depends on how well the theme is coded. Check to make sure that the theme you choose is optimized for SEO, so that your nonprofit can be found more easily by potential donors and supporters.

3. Supported Plugins and Widgets: Most of the time you will need to install third-party plugins and add new features to your website. Check to make sure that the theme you choose is compatible with the plugins and widgets you will need.

4. Donations Feature: This is an absolute must-have. Make sure to choose a theme that includes an easy-to-use donations feature, so that supporters can easily donate to your cause.

5. Flexibility: Changing the structure, style, and design of your website may be necessary as your organization grows. Make sure that the theme you choose is flexible enough to accommodate these changes.

What are the best WordPress themes for nonprofits?

1. X Theme

2. Divi

3. Impreza

4. Salient

5. Avada

6. Uncode

7. Enfold

8. Begonia

9. Charitas

10. GivingPress Lite

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